Recent Before & After Photos

Soot Clean Up

It's important to us that our customers stay safe! We are working hard to create a safe environment in this home after a fire. Every residence should have a fir... READ MORE

Flooding and Mold Restoration

Our team responded to this home after flooding to find it full of microbial growth and water damage. While this home may look unsalvageable to most people, our ... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning after a Kitchen Fire

When this home in Harrisonville, MO had a kitchen fire there was soot all over the ceiling and floors. You can see the soot set into the carpet. The adjuster di... READ MORE

Caved in Garage Ceiling

The shingles on this garage had flown off allowing a lot of storm and rain water to enter the attic of the garage. The ceiling below couldn't take all the water... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Belton, MO

A kitchen fire is still one of the leading causes of smoke and fire damage in homes nationwide. The soot left behind by cooking can be very hard to cleanup and ... READ MORE

Rain Damage in Belton Office

The damage done to this office space in Belton was due to rain leaking through a cracked foundation. Over time when a building settles cracks will form in the f... READ MORE

Cleaning up a Flooded Basement in Harrisonville

Water damaged basements are very common in the area beach there were many pipes that run underneath the house. When it gets cold your home may suffer from a pip... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup Needs

There are different ways to cleanup a home in Harrisonville, after a water damage. It's important to have the right experience because your home could easily be... READ MORE

Heavy Rains with Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps are a very important feature to any home. When heavy rains hit, the pump kicks on and keeps your basement dry by taking water away from your home. It... READ MORE


Images of the aftermath of a sump pump failure, causing the water to back up and flood this basement after a storm. Unfortunately these homeowners were unaware ... READ MORE